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American Axle & Manufacturing,Company
One Dauch Drive
Detroit, MI 48211-1198

I know that this E-mail will be a surprise to you, but I got your mail through Internet. I am Richard Jefferson the secretary to the chairman of American Axle & Manufacturing Company; we deal on, engineering, validation and manufacture of driveline systems, chassis systems, and forged products for trucks, buses, sport utility vehicles, and passenger cars.

We are interested in opening a branch in your country and I want to confirm from you if we can get 58 (Fifty Eight Acre’s) of land for our new site.We need three good warehouses where we can store our machines and two complete building duplex, at least for temporary office until we finish our main site.

However, the company will like to make you the African representative. You can send your contact number. Please if you can do that, contact me immediately through my mail address.
Thanks And Kind Regards

Richard Jefferson Secretary
To Richard E. Dauch .
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
American Axle & Manufacturing

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