Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Craigslist room ad scam replies

I've still got to get up to speed with the new spams - but unfortunately I've both been busy and most of the spams I've received recently are rather boring and unimaginative.

But there are two that merit being here.

Craigslist scam attempts. I mean reasonable and perfectly ideal housemates, just the ones we were looking for, rrright?

1. "helen smith"

Urgent reply needed
From: "helen smith"

I will like to know if your apartment is still available for rent,
kindly get back to me as soon as you read my mail,
Looking forward to read from you.


Rright. Fine. Yes if the ad was put on less than 24 hours before, you got your urgent reply that you kindly requested. But we got back nothing for 3 days.

Meanwhile we got a second interested one. One who sent 3 x the same email (the "helen smith" above only sent her email twice)

2. "frank smith"

I wonder if they are related?

room wanted
"frank smith"

My Name is frank smith,im 25yrs old i am a zoologist by
profession and also a professional miner,i will like to know
if the room is still for rent i am currently working in Rip of
benin in for a private mining offshore Firm on
contract,about my parent. Dad is from south Dakota and
my mum is from Elizabeth city NJ.She now lives in
london.I would have really love to call you about the
place but calls can't be made out or received down
here due to the off shore location were the site is
located. There some few things i would love to know
about theplace...things like what is the rent for
amonth?and the security of the place?and i hope paying
month to month will be ok for you?i love cleaning very
much and maybe sometime i also like to cook if i have
a chance.i don't stay out late and i don;t have late
night guest as well.i love pet but i don't have
looking for a 1 bedroom to rent for 3,6 to a year,i
respect other people privacy a lot.what do you think i
will need to bring when coming?I will be starting my
masters along with a professional exams coming

Oh, very good mister frank smith. I'm impressed at anyone being a zoologist, professional miner, AND getting their MSc started at the age of 25 - and with those articulated grammar skills.

While I was silently wondering if I should reply him explaining I need someone for the room as my millionaire wife (or husband? which one will sell better..) just died and I really need him to help me get the HUNDRED MILLION US dollars abroad, Ii'll just need his bank details...
Well, then we hear again from this "helen smith" again.

"helen smith" again

Re: Urgent reply needed
"helen smith"

Thanks for the quick responds, and am very sorry for the late reply is due to my occupation, I will like you to know much about me.
I'm female, and i am from United State ,I speak English,and i am 28years of age.I am
I currentely working with the Federal Agency of Works and Environmental in United State.
am on a research programmed,and i am desperately looking for a place to
stay, Am the neat type,honest,responsible,trustworthy and hardworking person
I love music and pets so much, am quiet, easy going person and fun to live
with. I'm 5"7' tall . I always love to go on date but seldom party. I swim
for fun and sometimes play tennis ,i also like watching football,basketball,
i don't keep late nights neither will i have overnight guest around and i
know that you will like the kind of person i am.I read about the room on
your add and i would really want to secure the room before my arrival, more
so to know if it would be possible for me to pay for the room before my
arrival,So i will like to know the total amount of the room per month and
the utility included. All these information are very important so that i can
submit my proposal to my Organization. My Organization will be responsible
for all the fees so,i will like to know the mode of payment,to know the nest thing to do before my arrival. I dont mind seeing more pics of the room and surrounding and I will need the following information to get the payment to you.
1 Full name as it will appear on the payment.
2 Address.
3 phone number.
I would be glad to see your quick response.


Now, just to have fun what should I do? Hi helen, sorry the room is gone but my friend frank has a room..
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