Friday, March 02, 2007

Mr Hobson - Bank of Scotland scam try

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From: "Mr. Anthony Hobson"
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Goodday/Call me

I am contacting you individually for a business
transaction involving transfer of GBP £30 Million and hope that you
will reply back at your convenient time for this possible business

I am the Auditor General, and Chairman, Audit Committee
of Bank of Scotland, with your sincere assistant and co-operation,I
have determined to work this deal with you if you can do the business.

At the moment,I am constrained to issue more details about this
business until your positive response is received.

Please take a
moment of your time schedules to read this and send your response via or call me with this mobile number : +44 704
570 6187 for further information concerning this transaction.

I assure
you that this deal is worth taking and highly profitable.

Thank you
for your time and attention.

Yours truly,
Mr. Anthony Hobson,
Auditor General,
Bank Of Scotland Plc.
Tel: +44 704
570 6187

The originating IP address is in Washington, USA.
The email address used indicates faking to be in Italy.
If you actually were from Bank of Scotland, why would you use an Italian / yahoo UK address and not your email address? And why on earth would you have a mobile phone number only, Mf Hobson?

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