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More digging on Leo Kuvayev aka Alex Rodrigez

And more digging on Leo Kuvayev aka Alex Rodrigez:

BBC : Massachusetts tackles spam gang - May 12, 2005
Not unknown in the wild wild web.
Leo Kuvayev @ Rokso
Kuvayev/Rodrigez at
Leo Kuvayev / Alex Rodrigez aka Badcow at
Spamhaus Statistics : The Top 10 of the whole planet
Lawsuit against Russian Spam Gang @ Spam Kings, O'Reilly (Spam Kings is a brilliant book by the way!)
Attorney General Tom Reilly Shuts down Spam King Leo Kuvayev @
MA Atterney General on Leo Kuvayev (excl. Microsoft server errors)
Mr Kuvayev's home page in Web Archive,
Kuvayev @ Information Week
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 Sick of spam? Get mad and get even
Leo Kuvayev is listed on the top 10 of the internet influent people

In the '90s Leo was a promising computer science grad student at the University of Massachusetts, where his focus was on artificial intelligence and machine learning. (His articles include "Intelligent Methods for File System Optimization" and "Learning to Play Hearts.") [articles]

Leo apparently became a US citizen in 2000 and was running some kind of online casino and Internet payment business out of Montreal. Last year, he launched a spam affiliate network called BadCow with a partner, Vladislav Khokholkov, who is also named in the lawsuit along with a handful of other people. The AP apparently reached Vlad by phone in Russia today, and he coyly said "I don't send e-mails."

(Spam Kings article above)

leo kuvayev aka alex rodrigez

Bits and pieces
Mr Kuvayev / Rodrigez' ICQ = 101859176 (from his site, via internet archive, also listed on
Mr Kuvayev's provided info (again all from his expired home page) about his 3 sisters :

Nadira's brief info:
Born in November, 1980 in Moscow, Russia
Height: 5'6''
Weight: on a slim side
Location: Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 095 423-6337

Lana's brief info:
Born in November, 1980 in Moscow, Russia
Height: 5'6''
Weight: just right
Location: Boston, MA

Regina's brief info:

This guy is sued only in MA for close to $ 40 million. He seems to log in to his ICQ account regularly.
Why is it so hard to catch him?
ICQ logs for sure every time each user logs in from which IP address. I can only guess that ICQ respects the privacy of every user it has then. So it ICQ where all the Isreali. Palestinians and Al Quaida communicate as well as it gives them privacy?

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Anonymous said...

This was Leo's casino business:

Crooked casinos with "odds management" (meaning the house cheats)