Friday, July 06, 2007

One million euros from a handbag lottery ...

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Subject : You are a winner. Ref Number: 4226119.
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You are a winner. Ref Number: 4226119.

This is to inform you that your Email Address attached to a
Ticket Number: 1O6012 has won the prize Sum of ?1 ,000,000.00 (One
Million Euro), in an Email Sweepstakes program held on the 28th of June

Do contact the Details below for the Claim

Contact Person: Mr. Jon Bosch
TEL: +31-630-010-727
Reference Number: 4226119, Serial Number: 176087, Lucky Number:12426765,
Batch Number: EU75011


Contact Email:


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Aren't these lottery winning notifications so great when they don't even TRY to tell you how this would be the Yahoo & Hotmail & AOL & Microsoft & Everything Else Lottery? Just *a* lottery where they had your email address. But not your name or address or anything else ...


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