Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aids spam

This is a new category of spam to me.

Subject: Please help ! -[some random letters and numbers here]
Date: July 20, 2008 7:55:40 AM IST
To: [some email alias of mine]

Honoured ladies and gentlemen,

it is not to be turned my kind me on this way to you however the circumstances leave me no other possibility.
I want to tell no long stories however I search people to me perhaps help and something support.
My name is Jim Knopf are 45 years and are for 23 years of HIV Positive (Aids)!

Now my problem!
I need approx. 2500.-Euros of every month for drugs.
I have lost my health insurance and is not to be raised in the position this sum every month.
I can allow to prescribe drugs of the doctor however I must pay this itself.
At the moment I live on 210.- Euros in the month this is only for food and for the everyday need.
I do not need ointments - oil baths with the low amount are payable
My savings are used up I can raise the money no more.
This is why I search people to me, perhaps with small sums can support.
Every amount is a welcome.
I would like to thank for her support!

Here the Online payment systems !!
Paypal :
Acc :
Reference : Thank You !


Acc :
Reference: Thank You !


Acc : 8100588105
Reference : Thank You !

Bank :
Bankname : Raiffeisenkasse Guntramsdorf
Bankaccount : Frank Laugwitz
IBAN Nummer : AT163225000005000641
Reference : Thank You !!


Greeting Jim Knopf

Well well. Dear Jim Knopf, why does your bank account say Frank Laugwitz?

Since the bank account you are trying to scam money to is in an Austrian bank, I guess we can assume that you are trying to tell people that you are based in Austria. How about having a look how their healthcare works?

"Top spot in Europe for Austria's health care system: nowhere else in Europe are patients treated more quickly and their medical needs better attended to. This has been revealed by a current study in the EU.

According to this expert study, Austria not only has the most consumer-friendly health care system in Europe, but also performs better than countries like Switzerland or Luxembourg which spend considerably more money on medical care. Austria spends 2,186 euros per head per year, Luxembourg spends 3,526 euros, Switzerland and Norway roughly 2,820 euros.

Even if all health care would not be free in Austria, spamming unknown people for scamming money out of them is never ok.
Oh, and if you are Austrian as you claim, why doesn't your bank account name match your name?
Why are you using an Israelian email?
And why do you spam unknown people with this fake story, Frank (which I don't believe is your name either)? Shame on you.

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