Monday, April 10, 2006

Proposed punishment for spammers

Prison. Solitary confinement. A very limited computer, able to
receive Email but nothing else. An Email address widely and
frequently exposed on newsgroups, web pages, and other venues
liable to harvesting.

Three times a day—at unpredictable times—an Email with a
random subject line would contain a password needed to get the
next meal served. This might be at the end of the (otherwise
typical SPAM) message, in the middle, near the beginning, but
the prisoner would need to read each and every EMail to find the
password for his next meal.

[Found in a newsgroup]


The Preacher said...

Nah, just send them to prison but set their sentence based on a task.

While in prison, they must manually type a two paragraph apology email to every person they spammed. They'd have a custom system so they'd have no web access and no copy & paste.

For repeat offenders, they must write and post a latter via snail mail. If they can't find the postal addresses for the people they spammed, then they don't get released.

Anna said...

Oh that's even better. :)

The Preacher said...

Hey Anna, do you run this blog then? I had no idea who it was, I just accepted the invite to contribute because I think spammers should have their nuts frozen and then shattered under the mighty hammer of Thor.