Friday, April 07, 2006

Swami Kurmarajadasa = The Most Annoying Religious Spammer In Teh Internet

I have no clue where this guy called "Swami Kurmarajadasa" or however he wants to be called, got my email address to his spam collection. Not that it matters since the spam he sends arrives to hotmail, which I haven't ever used for anything else than just signing up for some stuff in Teh Internet.
Still, I have never signed up for any of the crap this guy sends.
Also, hotmail's spam filters are the worst ever. They seem as efficient than ANY of the spam filters that existed before 1973 for the consumer use. Still, every single time I block this thing, the next time (next month or so) that I bother to log into hotmail again, there are 20 emails he has sent. In the inbox.

From : Escuela Tántrica Sivaíta de Madrid
Reply-To : Escuela Tántrica Sivaíta de Madrid
Sent : Thursday, April 6, 2006 1:46 AM

blah blah, blah. At least the spam contains the link to the site they spam about, In which website there is a mailto to . The site has a lot of visitors too. After years, years, and years of trying to ask them to remove my email from the spam I receive from them, I'm not really surprised to see that I am not the only one who has connected the name Swami Kumarajadasa and spam together. Somewhere in Yahoo groups there was even exactly how these spams look or this, or this and so on.

He has to win the award for being The Most Annoying Religious Spammer in The Internet. Or maybe it's also partly hotmail having The Worst Spam Filters in The Internet.


The Preacher said...

I tried to work out what his site was going on about but I'm bloody confused. He's got a picture of Ganesh on the site but also, he has a quote from Aleister Crowley - a man who considered himself to be the most evil man in the world and was very much in to his satanism.

Don't suppose you can read Spanish?

Anonymous said...

swami kurmarajadasa ,its a spanian dude that got into tantric yoga, so he can be a love teacher...or so...anyway is under investigation on spain for corruption of minors , and use of "ayahuasca" an illegal drug for the workshops of sacred sex. at last, on my city has a herd of like 30 women that goes to his workshop of "harem" in every city he vistis...not so bad huh?.
seems a narcisistic megalomaniac adicted to sex, but thats just my opinion...of course i could be wrong.