Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Beautifulswiss.com War - Part II

Beautifulswiss.com War - Part I

Today 8 AM : discovery that this spammer has invaded my inbox, using my email address as his reply-to.
First spam reports and TOS violations were reported hours ago; no reply yet.

Today 9 PM :
Second round of war.
More spam on my inbox.
Again I am used as reply-to fields. F-ers.

Again as in the previous spam post, again the beautifulswiss.com domain.
This time the only difference : the spammer has used a new aol account to spam :

Message-ID: <0AB1981F.70D59CEA@mac.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 02:53:26 +0600
From: "King, Catherine"
User-Agent: eGroups Message Poster
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: "Daniel"
Subject: ROLEX at unbelievable prices cu
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

High Quality Rrol,x Re*lica

Worldwide Fast Shipping -- Meticulous Design -- Inexpensive

An additonal 15% off when you purchase two or more re.lica watches.


Their stone, nursing a baby in the paradise, wasn't tearfully wax.
Her devil, crying in the toolbox, is silently piggy.

Today around 10 PM,
my response to this last spam attack :

From: me
Subject: Fwd: Undeliverable Mail
Date: December 26, 2006 9:56:17 PM GMT+00:00
To: spam@my email provider, TOSReports@aol.com, support@namecheap.com

This spammer (http://members.aol.com/amandagld/ ) continues to abuse my email address.
My email address in the reply-to field, making me angry...

This aol account forwards to http://beautifulswiss.com/

of which whois:

Visit AboutUs.org for more information about beautifulswiss.com
a href="http://www.aboutus.org/beautifulswiss.com"AboutUs: beautifulswiss.com/a

Registration Service Provided By: NameCheap.com
Contact: support@NameCheap.com
Visit: http://www.namecheap.com/

Domain name: beautifulswiss.com

Registrant Contact:
Merengue do Brasil Ltda
Marco Maduro (mmaduro2007@bol.com.br)
Fax: +1.
R Marcel Proust, 54
Apucarana, ST 86010

Administrative Contact:
Merengue do Brasil Ltda
Marco Maduro (mmaduro2007@bol.com.br)
Fax: +1.
R Marcel Proust, 54
Apucarana, ST 86010

Technical Contact:
Merengue do Brasil Ltda
Marco Maduro (mmaduro2007@bol.com.br)
Fax: +1.
R Marcel Proust, 54
Apucarana, ST 86010

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 25 Dec 2006 14:49:57
Expiration date: 25 Dec 2007 14:49:57

Domain registrant,
TOS of cheapnames.com would also prohibit this spamming activity; http://www.namecheap.com/legal/reg-agreement.asp has : "Your WG Domain or the content found at any associated IP address infringes upon or conflicts with the legal rights of any third party or any third party's trademark or trade name. You also warrant that neither the WG Services nor WG Domain(s) will not be used in connection with any illegal or morally objectionable activity (as defined below in section 5), or, in connection with the transmission of unsolicited commercial email ("Spam"). "
Cheapnames.com, please consider canceling the account of this user. The domain is selling illegal products, and clearly violates your TOS by sending SPAM.

Cheapnames.com, please deactivate.

Mac.com, please do something to help deactivate these irrelevant spam forwards.



[with full spam and its headers followed]


Jordan said...

I have gotten very similar emails. At least one a day, all emails are obviously randomly generated and the senders' address is different every time, a combination of many different names. Within the body of the email, there is random stories, usually repetitive. I don't get it. I have not released my email address to any one of their sites. They all link to the website www.beautifulswiss.com.

Anna said...

Hey at least I'm not the only one getting them then :)

Kael said...

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