Monday, January 08, 2007

Great responses aol, bol and .. nada

It has been two weeks since I first got my inboxes of email killed by the bounces of the emails sent by the spammers marketing for or .com.
It has been two weeks since I contacted,, and No answers, from any of them.

These beautifulswiss, fineswiss and so on people or someone they pay to do the dirty job, send these spams. My email address is still occasionally showing as the reply-to field, so the undelivered spam bounces to me. Great.

AOL have clear TOS about not using its sites for marketing illegal stuff. Even if AOL would shut down these sites that host the redirects to this site (or its clones), it's still killing them slowly, one by one ... AOL hasn't answered to any TOS report. Fantastic customer service. is the domain registrant that has something fancy in their TOS agreement ... But as if they would give a shiitake... allow bulk site registrations, and suddenly any bulk registration site doesn't really care. Your WG Domain or the content found at any associated IP address infringes upon or conflicts with the legal rights of any third party or any third party's trademark or trade name. You also warrant that neither the WG Services nor WG Domain(s) will not be used in connection with any illegal or morally objectionable activity (as defined below in section 5), or, in connection with the transmission of unsolicited commercial email ("Spam"). " Or show me one bulk registration site that cares.

There we go. No answer from any of the TOS breaking and abuse complaints, and the mailboxes still get more bounced shiitake by these same people.
This gives a great image of AOL TOS reports handling people, BOL abuse, and of this bulk spam domain registrant
Maybe time to write an angry letter to that Mr Maduro if the email address he used in these domain bulk registrations is even valid.
Or one day, time to just get a new email address... it is very frustrating when the address they kill by this shiitake are not the free email addresses but something you actually pay to use. The email provider, as usual, hasn't done anything more than AOL TOS reports on this ...

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