Monday, December 04, 2006

Way too much spam is repetitive

How sad is this? Actually at the moment over 1500 spams in my gmail. And all are repetitive - there don't seem to be any entertaining ones.
As bad as hotmail, except the ones that arrive at all in gmail aren't all in remote or added .gif images but in text.

In hotmail spams there aren't many spam emails left that would have actual text - it's all remote or added images.

In gmail it's all about these [random letters].ph or .pk financial advice that don't have anything to do with the subject line, or fake rolexes, 10,000 creative ways of spelling viagra and cialis, or a number of ways to make my woman enjoy. Oh too bad I am not a lesbian. Or I could make my male body part 4" longer if I had one... however that seems to be a bit passe' as the spam object.

So among the few enjoyable subjects seems to be running whois on all these illegal software ads.

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