Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mr. Roland Benneth - the "British" living in Africa donating all his money...

So this British gentleman lives in Africa, and uses a Spanish email provider. And interesting choices of words and spelling such as organizations, helpless needies, hospitalized, .. Ten Million Three Hundred Thousand dollars ($10.3million but not bothering to mention what it is in UK pounds. (Italics below mine) Oh - and even the God Bless You isn't that British thing to say.

Congratulations on your US spelling, sir.
I don't understand why you would even want to sit on your prostate and die when the cure for sure costs less than what you say you have on your account, and prostate cancer isn't fatal. And how come you have time to send these spam mails while you lie hospitalized in a bed? You even have the same template all these Africans and Lottery Winner Notifications use - the same nationality, passport number etc all litany, right away pasted and even all capitol letters like in every single other scam.

Or why you never considered e.g. making a donation to Oxfam. Maybe you are not British enough.

From: roland_benneth4@terra.es
Subject: From Mr. Roland Benneth
Date: December 5, 2006 5:40:06 AM GMT+00:00
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Received: from [] by correo10.terra.es with HTTP (authenticated as roland_benneth4@terra.es); Tue, 05 Dec 2006 06:40:06 +0100
Message-Id: <21184699.1165297207001.JavaMail.root@cps5>
Mime-Version: 1.0
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Original-Recipient: [my email]

Dear Friend,

I sincerely hope that after you read this mail you will respond to my
call. let me start by introducing myself my name is Roland Benneth. I am 70
years old, a British living in West Africa. I am a businessman and own two
companies here in Ouagadougou, married with two children. My wife and
two children had a fatal car accident subsequently died six years ago.
Before this incident my life internally depend on my business for self
sustenance as well, for I appreciate life as well never really cared about other
values in life since the loss of my family, I have found a new
philanthropic desire to assist helpless needies.

I have been dedicating my service in helping orphans in motherless
homes; I visit and donate money to orphans in Sudan, America And some Asian
countries. Before I became ill, I kept some money, Ten Million Three
Hundred Thousand dollars ($10.3million)
to be precise in a long term
deposit account in a Finance House.

Presently, I'm suffering from an illness and hospitalized my doctor told
me I have prostate cancer that I living by grace, few months to live. It is
my last wish to see that I disburse the money I kept to charity
Because so much of my wealth has been plundered by relatives and friends
since my protracted illness, hence I cannot live with the agony of
entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them since the funds in
the Finance House is the last money that I have left. Right now I am
partially stranded in the hospital due to the nature of my sickness so I am
appealing to you to help, assist me collect ,retrieve the deposit from the Finance
House and disburse or use it for philanthropic purposes amongst
charitable institutions.

I would want you to use your discretion to disburse the money and keep
20% of it for your gratuity. Feel free to reimburse yourself when you have
the money for any cost you might have incurred during the process of
collecting and distributing the money to charity organizations. May the good Lord
bless you and your Family.
Please reply to this mail as I can only communicate through my laptop
which is by my bed, as soon as I get your response I shall then give you the
necessary information you need to collect this money.If you really want
to asist me please send in your information to proceed:


God bless you.
Mr. Roland Benneth.

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