Monday, December 10, 2007

FROM CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA -style score: -227 points


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Yea, right, not again. Central Bank of Nigeria? The start of this scam should receive negative 50 points for the total lack of originality.

Dear Nigerian scammers, make your kids enjoy the XO laptop at school to learn everything about The Internet....
Based on your content, may I just assume you are using the 1 per child laptop and you are way underaged? Otherwise, you might want to consider to learn e.g. about the grammatics...

Oh, and would any "manager" from the Central Bank of Nigeria for once bother to explain me a few things?
1. Why you are not using your official email address? Do you really think that a yahoo Hong Kong address with some other repty-to email address (that again isn't your cenbank address) will do it?
2. You are telling me that you are sending a box worh $ 75 million and I need to send you a deposit? I'm sorry, you have probably never even been in a bank, let alone any central bank, unless central village bank of Dogbutt, Suburbia of Lagos counts. First, for money transfers you don't send a box. Wired transfer, hello? Second, remove the damn deposits from that. Third, you send this email to a list of people without bothering to specify who you are faking to send all this cash to?

You fail as a scammer, Tunde. And really big time.

No love,


Tinubu square - Lagos



Sequel to the secret arrangement in regards to the Shipment of your
totalcontract sum(US$55.5m), I wish to inform you that all necessary
modalities have been automatically concluded and the fund has left
office through the Diplomatic Courier Services today by Express Cargo
Flight to your home country.

Note carefully that the content of the box are your total contract
but the CBN did not disclose the content to the Courier Services,
rather it
was registered as Vital "DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS" belonging to the CBN
(That’s you).

Furthermore, the box is (1) in number and about 75kg. However, you are
advised not to disclose the content of the box to the Courier Services
avoid Betrayal in any circumstances In the mean time, you are kindly
advised to furnish us with your direct
telephone/mobile number, your valid I.D/Drivers License and your
office/house address or where ever you wish to receive the diplomat to
enable him identify you when he arrives to your address with the box

more information, we advise you to contact this office as soon as you
receive this mail to enable us fax you the necessary documents which
need to deposit your funds into your bank account.

Congratulations and remain blessed.

Dr Tunde Lemo


Anonymous said...

i too was just scammed by someone calling themselves benia lori of benita lori investment inc. i was desparatly looking for a personal. i was looking on the internet when out of the blue someone i had not contacted sent me an e-mail. they identified themselves as a Benita Lori of Benita Lori investment inc. this person claiming to be a woman said she like to help people in dier need of charging them only 3 per cent interest. well, i was so excited. here was my answer. benita claimed she was in the UK. well, the next e-mail came and she said she was in Nigeria meeting with the Anti-Terrisom Fraud on the internet group, and would be sending me the loan from Nigeria, but i would have to send her 350 american dollars for what she called a loan guarantee and this was the way they did it in Nigeria. well, i wasn't happy as i had to take the last of my utility bill money and i wired it to her at the address as follows to her secretary named

Ekhart Thompson
208 Zuma Plaza
EDO Nigeria

i was now going to get my loan i thought. well, after he picked up the money. i got an email saying that when she went to head bank of Nigeria the big shot said he had to have another 550 us dollars for what they called activation of my bank account. of course i had given her my bank account number for i thought i would get the loan put in it. when i heard she wanted more money i became very upset and some not so pleasant e-mails went to her from me. she keep assuring me that she was not a scammer and i had insulted her by saying so, and i told her i had no more money i was on the verge of having my utilities shut off and our home put in forclosure. i had counted on the loan to reinstate or mortgage. finally, benita said she would use the 350 i had first wired and i only had to come up with 250 dollars. i had to go to my pastor-priest who gave me the loan from a needy person's fund. i again wired the money. well, the next thing i heard her son was in the hospital in Nigeria and was very ill she put me off for a day about the loan. then i heard from her that her so called son had died. i really by this time came to expect this. i again had words with her there were two calls from Nigeria with the Ekhart Thompson. she then told me that she had contacted the head of the Nigerian bank but he refused to let her pay the 300 dollars. she said he insisted that it all had to come from me. well, that was the last straw i let her know i didn't think she even had a son and surely he had not just died and that i had no more money period. previously in one of the more angry e-mails i had let her know i would go to the FBI and the IC3 and tell my whole story.

she sent me a very angry e-mail and told me in her words that she was very pissed off at me for questioning her sons death and that my loan was guaranteed and that i would have to find the 300 somewhere and when i did i would get my money in my bank account in only 2 hours.

well, finally i wised up there will be no more money from me i told her so and sent my last e-mail. i was a darn fool and now i may loose everything i cherish. my own health has totally gone to the dogs from all this. the doctor wants to put me in the hospital she is afraid i will have a heart attack or stroke, but my former police officer husband out of Chicago is very ill and i also take care of many abused animals to i can't go in the hospital. i have taken three updated packages with all the story and i told Benita they have been instructed to take the packages to the proper authorities if the slightest thing should happed to me, my husband even one of my animals or my property. i have already e-mailed the FBI and will contact many other agency and also some big FOX NEWS TV stars as well. it surely will hurt her business to her my story on TV and Radio. it is a cruel trick and ruthless what she has done to me and my family. givien false is as bad as taking our money for nothing. God will surely take care of these people in his own way. maybe he has already begun.\

i hope this will save someone else from the suffering i went through. i have and will probably loose everything. my husband knows nothing of this and if we loose our home his heart won't take it as we would have to put down our beloved animals and his health couldn't stand this and i would have no reason to go on and would most likely follow him with my own heart attack.

i forgot to mention that she offered me a free ticket to come to her son's burial i think she tought this would give the story about her dead some creditibility and she knew i would never take her up on it becuase i couldn't leave my husban. i told her to wire me the money she would spend on the ticket and i would send her back the money she claimed she needed to finalize the loan. she didn't even acknowlege this suggestion end of story.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, this Benita Lori broad is a piece of work. First of all, she can't even write freakin' English, let alone give anybody a loan.

Incidentally, stay away from Everest Financial, out of Toronto. They scammed me out of $2300. I think they have dismantled all of the website info and phone number that I used and found but, believe me, they were a bunch of scammers also. If you want to ask me more about it, call me at 610-353-7660, ext. 218. This is my work number. Linda C. Beaver, Clifton Heights, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (USA)

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Bradly Jones said...
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Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

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