Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spam Haters Blog Post # 1

So, this blog shall be devoted for the love or hate of the spam.

I personally HATE spam. Really, really, hate spam.

If you are a spammer, I mean some respectable Nigerian white collar wannabe worker from the Central Bank of Nigeria and just wondering how to best offer your money to the westerners, you might be interested in the Annual Nigerian Spam Conference or something like that.

Some spam can be really entertaining ... one of my favorites so far is this guy, first he was a Nigerian banker using his hotmail address, and 90 minutes later this guy was suddenly emailing as a Jordan millionaire. He also attached the same butt ugly passport picture of his or someone else to both emails.
I also think that 90 minutes must be the world record for a sex change - 90 minutes earlier this guy was called Mrs Rose Uba, so not only did she become a he, but he also got a Jordanian passport instead, or in addition to his Nigerian one.

That's enough for the first post.

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