Thursday, April 06, 2006

What is the most annoying type of spam?

I've been giving this some thought and I think I've arrived at an answer. The most annoying spam, in my opinion, is empty spam. This is an email where there is no subject or body - it's literally a blank email.

It's annoying enough when some sub-human mouth breather thinks it's okay to annoy millions of people to make money. In my opinion it's even more frustrating when it's pointless. The spammer can't even make money here. All they are doing is annoying a lot of people.

Nigerian scam emails are my person favourite because I can reply to them and string the scammers along for a while. Adverts for tablets are pretty entertaining as well since they tend to be written in diabolical English. Yes of course I'll take medical advice from someone for whom spelling a three-letter word is a herculean challenge.


S. said...

I think my favorites would include all these Africans who are writing to me about how they have millions of US dollars, and they are still so stupid that they are in a concentration camp and don't buy their way out of there ... and really, if they somewhere have T1 speed internet in a concentration camp, where do I sign up?

Well yea those aren't teh most ANNOYING, rather just among the most entertaining...

So yes agreeing ... empty spam is pointless. The only thing to read there is the headers, nothing else.

The Preacher said...

Hey, I think it's wonderful that the human race has advanced to the point where refugees in concentration camps have T1 lines and fax numbers.