Sunday, December 10, 2006

Alex Rodrigez aka - leave me alone

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Subject: VIP gift prices on Adobe CS, Macromedia, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Roxio, MS Office web bundles

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�Dear customers and
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Ahem - no you have not. You have still the same invalid address associated with your domain than in that other post:

Domain name: (this time these scam software were linked to be sold at
Domain name: OKUNSOFT.COM
Registrar: PacNames
Referral URL:
Domain Registrant: TOTALNIC-128733 (XSALSA@GMAIL.COM) (for other his business you can also find (XSALSA@ETN.ORG) as registrant email)
Alex Rodrigez
Alex Rodrigez
PO box 109 WP 1432
Lappeenranta NA 53101
Telephone: +358.207818027
Fax: +358.207818027
Administrative, Technical Contact: TOTALNIC-128733 (XSALSA@GMAIL.COM)
Alex Rodrigez
Alex Rodrigez
PO box 109 WP 1432
Lappeenranta NA 53101
Telephone: +358.207818027
Fax: +358.207818027
Domain creaton date: 2006-12-05 22:14:27.0
Domain expiration date: 2007-12-06 03:31:14.0

Again, this domain registrant address is invalid. If you search more about thi Alex Rodrigez in Lappeenranta, you'll find a lot of interesting posts out there.


Anonymous said...

I have been chasing "Alex Rodrigez" for some time now. I used to get spam from this person's domains (is Alex a he or a she? I don't know) when their registered email address was "" rather than "".
One thing that has stayed the same, however, is the registrar used. It has always been Rodrigez has registered dozens of different domains through that I have recieved spam from. Rodrigez's email address and mailing address changes periodically, but the registrar is always the same. I have a suspicion that Rodrigez likely operates the registrar itself.
Two other things to consider as well:
Pacnames itself has bad WHOIS data. I contacted the authorities in North Shore City, NZ, where pacnames is allegedly located. They confirmed that the physical address exists, but it is not zoned for commerce. Also, no business called "pacnames" is registered with the ministry of commerce anywhere in New Zealand.
More recently, pacnames has launched another service - "". The purpose of that domain is to obfuscate the registration identity behind a domain. For example, one of the newest spamming domains registered through pacnames is "". A whois lookup on that shows it was registered through pacnames but the identity is masked by A whois lookup on gives the same result.

anna said...

Wow. That's some good digging... the next time I bother to check how many emails .. I mean spams, I have in gmail, I might make another entry about him with adding those details. :)

Anonymous said...

A recent spam I recieved has lead me to good ol' a-rod's newest email address:
I found this when I checked out the WHOIS record of a new spamming domain of his:
I guess now he's hiding out in St. Thomas. or at least his email address is.

Hmmm. I was going to show his new contact information, but I see it has since been obfuscated by our good friends at IIRC, the rest of his contact data was still pointing to Finland.

anna said...

His ICQ points that he's in Russia.
If wanted to co-operate, they could tell where he logs in chat and he could be caught that way ..

His addresses in Finland are invalid. However I would love to find out what is his connection to that country .. .maybe he lived there at some point?
If he was in Finland, he would be very easy to catch.