Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amina Togar .. another African millionaire?

Let me guess...
Another poor millionaire at a concentration camp with fast speed internet access, offering me millions since I am such a reliable and honest person, whom they found in the internet and trust me more than they would trust their mother...

Oh, and wait - this Liberian guy/gal who is in Senegal has for some reason an Italian IP address, close to Bergamo in the far Northern Italy, and a bit too good English.

Subject: Greetings From Africa [random letters]
Date: February 4, 2007 [some time]
To: [my email]
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I am writing you from Africa and I know you will be surprised to receieve a mail from a stranger....Please, don't be surprised...I got your contact from peoples search and decided to share an important issue with you...My name is Amina Togar and I am originally from Liberia, but do reside in Senegal...I am single, 26 years old and I would like you to spare me your time to know and discuss an important issue with you , which in my opinion will be of interest to you and hopefully, we would get to know from there....

Please confirm the receipt of this short mail and I will get back to you with a more detailed mail about myself and what I actually want to share with you....

You may reach me on yahoo messenger with the following id; or you can reply to the email above...

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon...



Anonymous said...

my name is sue leckie, I am from new zealand and i took pity on amina togar and she also was going to coming out to new zealand to start her new life with me , and now I am out of pocket by $3,500 nzd and I want this stop and I sent the money to mr tom harris in amsterdam nerthlands and the bankers bank have her amount of 7,5000.00 usd made out in my name and I want to see the two lots of my money transfer into to my account here in new zealand and tom harris from holland has my bank account and I would like to know if mr and mrs togar are still alive or dead if so I would like the death certificate sent to my email address as soon as possible please

anna said...

Leckie, ... sigh. It's all scam. I doubt that the name of this spammer even is Amina Togar.
I doubt you'll ever see that money again.
Take care, and be careful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they contacted me too. I was sure it's a scam from the first email, but i was curios enough to reply to their emails. It seems Amina is the first name they like. They change the last name, but Amina is always the first name. Its easy to get the scam because the emails are like they where written a long time ago, and they have no connection with what you write back. They don't even bother to reply with logical meaning. I suspect they send many messages and hope that at least some of them get to their targets. I am sure that i cannot find out anything else about these guys so i will stop emailing. Everyone, never send money to people you think you met over the web.