Sunday, February 01, 2009

Computer jobs...

The global economy sucks so they must have a lot of jobless, brainless and greedy people working and interested in working with software right? Now if you would get a job offer from a computer company, wouldn't you think that they possibly might have a domain and not have to go as low as free email services and milking you out of money to "work" for them? And wouldn't you possibly do some google fu before you even think of applying?

From: "Xenex Navigation Inc"
To: undisclosed-recipients

Hello Sir/Madam

My name is Tom Gabriel, I represent Xenex Navigation Inc, We are one of the fastest growing software company based in Florida (UNITED STATE). We design computer components and other related software products.

At Xenex we specialize in exporting quality products at relatively low prices. But due to our ever-increasing customer base in Scotland and United Kingdom, we at Xenex are searching for representatives to assist us in establishing a medium to connect to our costumers more efficiently in Scotland and United Kingdom Region.

If you choose to join Xenex as a representative, your basic task will consist of checking emails, processing orders and receiving payments from our customers on behalf of Xenex though basically payments are often made out on Money Orders, Certified Cashiers Check or a Personal Check.

*18 years or older,
*legally capable,
*Ready to work 3-4 hours per week.,
*With computer knowledge,
*E-mail and internet experience (minimal),
*We are not requesting for your Bank information's, SSN or any other personal information from you, as what we need is a proof of seriousness.

Note that for every transaction processed, you will receive 10% of the total amount. Xenex product price range starts at 4,000pounds. At 10% you are guaranteed a minimum of 500 pounds per order. We guarantee that you can start making money as early as in 2 weeks once your job has been approved, and you don't need to invest your money, just your spare time to process orders via email

Please fill or email the following information inside the employment application form in order for us to facilitate the conclusion of this proposal if accepted.

First Name ________Middle Name___________Last
City _______State ______ ________Zip ______
Home /Work Telephone Number________
Personal cell phone Number__________
Gender _____Marital Status_______
Age ____ Nationality_________
Present Work_______

Please note: Only interested applicants should respond to this offer. We understand that this job position is very challenging and you should understand it. We are looking only for persons who satisfy our requirements and will be an honest assistant.

If you feel that you are a serious, trust-worthy and honest person and you want to work for XENEX NAVIGATION INC., Please respond immediately with the requested information above.
Send Replies to:

Yours Truly.
Mr.Tom Gabriel
Marketing Executive

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