Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bruce Schneier on spam

Bruce Schneier has brilliant points on combating spam, taken to his freshest blog entry also today. To fight spam better would really need reingeneering the internet.
Even if the spam filters are well in place and working on the server side, I just keep getting all these scam emails. All Nigerians with the millions of dollars to donate to us poor, non-Africans, all the MSN&Yahoo&Google $ 50 million lottery tickets that only are waiting for my passport and bank account details in that yahoo, hotmail, lycos, tripod, or walla email account ... well well. The day the spam filters will be efficient, and there will not be a single scam, a pointless .gif for marketing some weird shares, I will be glad to eliminate this blog as unneeded. Or transform it to a museum of an era in the Internet.

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