Saturday, December 16, 2006 isn't that much about hating women than it's about making money is funny on the first look. And to a big percent I agree on what's the point of marrying anyway. Well - the valid points to marry would be ... getting a visa or visas for either or both,or getting a socially acceptable environment for the reproductional needs, or to just get the tax breaks of the married people, or just to go public with the relationship itself.

But reading thru even the titles on the links of the main page of that site is depressing and disturbing on the same time. So the men are all victims, and all American women are the evil? All men are innocent, and all the American women are just trying to get married, pop out a kid or two, only to become severely post-partum depressed psycho bitches who will force their poor victim husband go years with no sex with them and thus get these East European girlfriends to satisfy the bodily needs... ummh, yea.

But the opinions are interesting.. they tell a lot about the author too. Not that I would have had a real need to run whois on the domain, I was still curious who would want to have his name behind all these opinions. The site was registered by someone called Jan Herzog, whose address was in Venice CA, and contact address in Austin, TX. A geek or a scam for a long time for sure to be also able to own a 3-letter domain as well (never mind its content). Further digging around found some weird results with this relatively unique name, such as some text on Church of Seven Dolors, Minnesota website. And a lot about the family tree, and a listing of 2005 Teacher of the Year nominees for the area of Austin, TX. So an elementary school honor teacher at Huey, or a Montessori school at Wichita Falls? And doesn't this veganism all the carnivores are teh evil-style speech sound comparable to no marriage site? My favorite type of vegetarians and vegans is the one that tolerates other people and their opinions, not the vegenazi. And I think I can use that word in this case after reading all these pearls in nomarriage site, as below. You'd think they have fired teachers for less diverse opinions ... even though here he says he doesn't have kids and on the school website he has a daughter. Well, it could be all miracles and coincidences that there are three people with the same name in the same area, with the exact same rant style too. -- and some other searches found another variant for spelling his name actually as Jon Herzog, and being a Russian or ex Soviet born emigrant residing nevertheless in Austin area.

Why marriage no longer makes sense : "Traditional marriage balances different privileges and obligations for men and women. Modern woman wants all the benefits of "equality" without any of the responsibilities. " and so on. Hm. Why is it that not 100 % of men that I know take the full responsibility of their life? Or maybe those who do take it, are not attracted to women who don't.
Any American man can find a good foreign girlfriend or wife - umh. These men whose identities have been covered look all so perfect.

"Give me one good reason why a man should sign the marriage contact with an American woman. With a foreign bride, I guess you need to sign the marriage contract so she can get her green card and move to the United States." Ok, fine.
"But with an American woman, why not just live with her and fuck her. Verbally commit for life if you want."
"The ONLY thing that signing that marriage contract will do is ensure that the man receives a solid ass raping in divorce court if the relationship doesn't work out. And since American-American marriages have a 60% divorce rate, that's a very real possibility."

What your future wife will be thinking a few years after you have children. .. why marry a leech like these anyway? The mere existence of the people thinking like that would be enough to turn me a gay if I was male.
Majority of American women have Histrionic and Narcissistic disorders - and the majority of the men are sane and angels in comparison...

"The one constant of life is that women, after you marry them, will always change. You think they are sexy and fair now? They will probably change after the wedding.
That's just the way it is, folks, no way to change it. Best thing is to look at the women's mom, married sisters, and how she was raised. That is a much better indicator than what she says when you date her
." (and this would not be the same for the advertised foreigner women? Or look at the dad and married brothers of the broom ... all look sane, happy, in shape and not to be too psychos...) "Do you ever sense that your wife sees you as a means to an end rather than a person? Sometimes I feel like my wife loves me for what I can do for her (kids, security, whatever) but does not really care about me specifically. Many woman who are getting older want to get married, but who they marry seems less important than actually being married." Wise hint for you mr Herzog then : don't ever marry a German wife either. The reason you just gave above is why another American divorced of the German... not being a person anymore, only a tool. It was all about her, her, her...

"It's amazing how many people think that a guy looking for a good woman should do what's "fair" or what's socially responsible. Fuck that. It's each guy's responsibility to find a woman that's the best possible choice for HIM. Who will make HIM happy. This one time, when he's choosing his future wife, he needs to focus exclusively on his own needs and making sure they are satisfied." ... "The "wifely" skills are those that the woman needs to have, or learn darned quick, if she's going to make you happy." (which explained are : Cooking, cleaning, mothering, nurturing, wants kids, loves kids, loyal, trustworthy.) Ha. Your opinion on these wifey skills makes you a breeder. Go on, please marry these foreign, mothering, nurturing, breeder women. Or just make money telling other people how to.

More pearls : "99.9% of the single women in this country are not even marriageable.
Take away the women beyond the marriageable age (over 30).
Take away the fat women.
Take away the ugly women.
Take away the psycho Zoloft / Prozac women.
Take away the raped women.
Take away the women with STDs / HIV.
Take away the women who can't cook.
Take away the women who already have kids.
And you've eliminated 99.9% of the single women in this country."
while on the same page preaching big that "So quite honestly, it doesn't matter if they're fat/skinny/ugly. It's not about what's fair. It's about what you can get. American men get what they want" So it doesn't matter if YOU, the MAN, is ugly, old sick psycho but the womb you want to marry MUST be under 30, a certain attractiveness, weight, size, shape, color, ...

Other pearls - there is a link in the source to It doesn't come as any surprise that this site as well is registered by this same Jan Herzog, this time with the registrant addresses in Silver Spring, MD, and in Austin, TX.

And the big great ass banner to is registered by Jan Herzog, Silver Spring, MD, and Austin, TX. So it's all about making money, sir Herzog. Somehow I have NEVER seen lusers like you get women like this, this, this, this (ever seen an Eastern European girl like these? I haven't), this, or this ... ONLY for the sake of your passport. And the womben you have added in the pictures are probably not that likely type of being mothering, nurturing, breeder type you were just advocating for. You are only doing this preaching for money. For selling your books (that are that successful that even hasn't heard of you??), and your web services. But never mind Amazon since the people's need of love is usually even bigger than their need of religion, I'm sure you will not run out of business. And you sure keep trying and entertaining people, even is yours as it appears on whois.
But that is enough for digging out the weird people and ideas and products in the Internet for one evening.

So it's not all about hating American women, it's about making money.

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