Thursday, June 07, 2007

THREE soldiers from Ameria whose style is the same of the Nigerians

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Dear friend,

We are team(THREE IN NUMBER) of American soldiers writing from Baghdad in Iraq.We are urgently seeking your assistance to secure the below consignments with attached photos.Please see photo below.

The goods were captured here in Baghdad 2 weeks ago abandoned in one of the underground treasure house.The goods consist of GOLD BARS, GOLD COINS and HUGE AMOUNT OF CASH in the sealed boxes.

To make my message short I will go straight to the point.At this moment we have succeeded shiping the goods outside Iraq to another country and have placed it in the custody of a treasury company.We will want you help us receive and secure the boxes.Once you receive it open the boxes and re-transfer the money to bank a account which we will give you latter.Due to law and restriction order we are unable to transport and secure the good in Ameria ourselves that is the reason we are seeking your help in receiving the goods on our behalf.You will be entitled to 20 bars of gold and raw cash;amount we will tell you once you reply.We will appreciate you reply us quickly indicating your readiness to help us.As soon as we receive your positive reply we shall furnish you with further details;the amount you will be entitled to and the current location of the boxes containing the goods. Perfect arrangement have been made to make sure the boxes arrive you safely.

Please note that this information must be handled with utmost confidentiality so as to avoid publicity which may risk our job, as you may know we are at war and still in active service.You may call me on phone +964 7032700320,ask of Sergent.Ray,for security reasons call me only between 19 hours-21 hours GMT.

Yours truly.

SGT.Wilkins Ray
Team Leader

Dear team of THREE soldiers from Ameria, would you mind to explain me why your style of writing looks identical to all these Nigerian scams?

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