Thursday, June 07, 2007

And Alex Rodrigez aka Leo Kuvayev has his wikipedia entry

I wondered how long it would take before Alex Rodrigez would get his own wikipedia entry. It didn't take that long, since he already has one. Under his real name it appears.
From that wikipedia entry:
The last known email address for Kuvayev, under his alias, was
If that brings any joy for your revenge.
More on Leo Kuvayev / BadCow owned domains.
European spam wiki puts
Russian/American spammer, a spin-off or occasional partner with Alan Ralsky, Igabromiv, Lindsay and also the P/A/Y gang.
Does "OEM CD" pirated software spam, child and animal porn spam, porn payment collection, pharma/pills, phishing, and others. Does his own DNS, possibly does DNS for other spammers. Buys bulletproof hosting wherever he can get it. Noted for enormous numbers of domains (bogus registration info, of course), often rotating every three hours in the spam to avoid URIBL filters. Mails via proxies using the usual spamwares, probably off his own (leased) servers. Noted for having "fresh" peas, meaning he is very close to the botnet masters collecting new, unlisted, zombie IPs. Was part of Sun Network spamhaus on MCI, gets BP hosting in Brazil, China, Russia, etc.

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Spamhater said...

See for detils on Alex Rodrigez aka Leo Kuvayev aka BadCow

Alex Rodrigez created so many OEM piracy sites on Registrar Pacnames that they had to go unaccredited by ICANN until they cleaned them all out. This was one of he few occasions in its history that ICANN has flexed any muscle.

Time for a repeat? Although, OEM sites (Downloadable Software, OEM Soft Shop, EU Softwares) have fallen on hard times of late. Perhaps the big vendors have started taking notice. Or pigs are flying . .